AVER  verb \ə-ˈvər\
To say something in a very strong and definite way.

My Philosophy

Our world is filled with images that depict what's "sexy" but I feel there's nothing hotter than a woman with confidence who embraces who she is. I also understand that you're at your best when you're able to relax and simply be yourself. My goal is to celebrate what makes you unique, feel good, and the things you love. The end result is that you'll have one of a kind photographs that show what makes you sexy.

Before Your Shoot

I meet with each client before the shoot for a short interview. This helps us get to know each other so that we're ready to hit the ground running when your big day comes. Interviews take place at your residence, which is where the shoot will be as well. If you would like to take the photos elsewhere (such as a private location in nature, etc.) we will discuss it at the interview. A deposit for 50 percent of the basic fee is required at this stage to secure a date for your shoot.

Your Shoot

The shoots are casual and fun, so that you can relax and enjoy yourself. I view each one as a collaboration where we can play with different ideas and concepts, then decide in the editing process what you love. Some ideas will work wonderfully, some may not, but trying different things optimizes the chances of creating truly unique images.

I do not charge an hourly rate, but rather let things naturally wrap up. Most shoots last around three hours, and they don't exceed four hours. 

Your Pictures

Each client is given access to a private, password protected gallery to view their images within 3 weeks of their shoot. The only people that ever see your pictures is the photographer and yourself. Lots of photos are taken, so they are narrowed down to the best ones. Galleries typically feature around 60 pictures. 

Then comes the fun part: picking out our favorite pictures. You choose what you want printed, and I work my magic.

Photo Treatment

The goal is for the photos to look like you, so only minor adjustments are are made to images. When relevant, this includes skin smoothing, subtle teeth whiting, and removal of temporary skin conditions such as blemishes. Other editing services can usually be accommodated at an additional rate of 40 dollars an hour. I want your photos to be timeless, so only a very subtle filter is applied. Please visit my galleries to get an idea of how your photos will look.

The Package

Your photos are carefully packaged then delivered in discrete wrapping, which ships within 7 weeks of your shoot. They come mounted and placed in a beautiful, handmade box that's created in Nashville from reclaimed cherrywood. If this will be a gift for someone, just let me know ahead of time so we ensure it stays a surprise.


If you are working with a tighter deadline just indicate as much when contacting me. Quicker turnaround times can usually be accommodated.