How does it work?

I like to think of each shoot as a collaboration between the photographer and the subject. Before each shoot, I met with you briefly to get to know you and see the space you live in because that is very likely where I will be taking the pictures. Each shoot is different because each person is different. We will incorporate your environment, interests, and anything that celebrates who you are into the shoot that you are comfortable with. Photography is an art form, so trying different ideas is always welcomed. Some may not work in the end, but other concepts turn out amazing. Giving ourselves permission to have fun and trying anything that may result in a great photo is always the goal.

Do you travel? I don't live in Nashville.

Indeed I do. I'm very open to doing shoots out of the Nashville area. Package rates remain the same, though travel costs will be added. Just indicate where you live when contacting me, and we'll figure out how to make it work.

How long does everything take?

The interview prior to the shoot typically takes about an hour. For the shoot itself, I allow everything to naturally take its course, but not to exceed four hours. The average shoot finishes up well within three hours. If time constraints need to be taken into consideration it can be accommodated, but the rate does not change. 

Will my photos be featured on this website or social media sites?

Any images used here or on social media came with the blessing of the women featured in them. The only person viewing the photos will be the photographer unless you give consent for them to be seen by others.

Does someone do my hair and makeup?

My goal is for your photos to reflect who you are in the most genuine way possible. Most clients do their own hair and makeup and tend not to deviate dramatically from what how they typically present themselves to the world. If you prefer to have someone do your hair and/or makeup, there are many talented people in the area   that I'm happy to connect you with.

What will I wear?

You should wear items that they feel confident in. For some it will be tshirts, while others prefer corsets. Each client provides everything that is worn, and I encourage everyone to use this as an opportunity to invest in some new items! Most people are photographed in a mixture of things that are familiar to them and they purchased for the shoot.

When will I receive my photos?

You are given access to a private gallery of your photos within 3 weeks of your shoot. The gallery is password protected, and includes an edit of you photos with slight retouching. You will have a week to choose your final images, then final touches will be applied.  Any items you order will ship within 7 weeks of the shoot. Rush services can usually be accommodated, with an extra charge.

How long do you keep my photos?

You are given the ability to download high resolution copies of your chosen images for 14 days after everything is ready. In the rare event that something happens to the files you have downloaded, I am only contractually obligated to hold onto any images for 12 weeks. I recommend that all clients back up any digitally media in multiple places in the event that our digital allies fail us and something is lost.

What type of editing is included?

Any editing for light, exposure, and cropping is included. Minimal corrections for temporary skin conditions such as skin blemishes, light whitening of teeth, and slight skin smoothing is included. Other corrections can usually be accommodated at a rate of 40 dollars an hour. A subtle, signature “filter” is applied to images as well. Please refer to the gallery of images on my homepage to get an idea of what your photos will look like.